NOTHING MORE – “Do You Really Want It” #TT

Tonight’s #TRENDINGTRACK is “Do You Really Want It”, the latest single from Nothing More’s Grammy nominated album The Stories We Tell Ourselves. Frontman Jonny Hawkins and bassist Daniel Oliver joined us on today’s episode of the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield Podcast’, Jonny went through some tough times prior to recording their latest album…and he told me—lyrically—“Do You Really Want It” was inspired by a particularly low moment where he felt like he’d completely lost his purpose in life:

“And that scared me more than any other problem because I’ve always had—deep down at the core—that fight…that like: it doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, I have like a burning desire that’s gonna overcome all of it and that was like GONE.  And I was like, ‘is it ever gonna come back?!’ Y/k??  Like that fear…I had to work through that and rebuild that.”

On April 5th Nothing More will kick off a U.S. tour with our friends in Papa Roach.  Check out their full tour schedule RIGHT HERE.