Podcast: Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

Today we’re celebrating the return of Nathaniel Rateliff to the podcast…and this time he brought along his writing partner Joseph Pope III from The Night Sweats!  They’ve been friends for nearly their entire lives…they’ll tell us about growing up together in Missouri, some of their earliest musical projects together, and forming The Night Sweats in Denver.  Plus: working with producer Richard Swift on their brand new album Tearing At The Seams, playing at several sporting events, and releasing last year’s Live At Red Rocks album.  Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

Nathaniel on the band mentality they took into writing and recording The Night Sweats’ new album ‘Tearing At The Seams’:

“Yeah, with the last…the previous Night Sweats—first Night Sweats record…a lot of it was kind of just done in my attic and me sorta demoing stuff and hashing out ideas on my own…and then tracking a lot of stuff.  But with this record we’ve become a band.  The Night Sweats weren’t really a defined thing when those songs were coming together and when we went and worked with Richard [Swift].  There’s a bunch of different horn players on that first record because we didn’t have a real horn section…and really I didn’t know who the main characters were gonna be in the band, I was like well I’m just gonna go make this record!  We don’t have time or any money so, I’m just going out there.  But with this record and since that started we’ve become a band.  And we play together and I really just wanted to kinda back up and let the guys do what they’re good at y/k?  Which is playing together!”

Nathaniel on #TRENDINGTRACK “You Worry Me”:

“It’s about the space that develops in our lives with the people you really care about.  And honestly just like the fear of…y/k if you’re gonna leave like…you can see what is happening to two people…I could see what was happening in my personal life and uh…I was just afraid of what was gonna happen to the other person I really cared about if I was gonna leave.”

Nathaniel on working with producer Richard Swift:

“The reason I wanted to make that record with him, [Tearing At The Seams] I was just like…I’m not gonna go into a situation with this band and these songs and a short amount of time with somebody who’s like another giant ego.  What I know I can do is go in with Richard [Swift] and like hang, have a good time being around each other, and uh…just make stuff that sounds cool!”

Nathaniel on ‘Live At Red Rocks’ album:

“When Joseph and I first moved to Colorado, we would go on that stage at night and be like: ‘we’re gonna play here someday!’  It’s just like the things that you wanna have happen and for that to actually happen in our lives has been a real blessing and every time we play there, I always look at that stage and look at everybody in the band and be like: ‘let’s go out there and play like we’ll never play here again.’  It’s just an honor to be on that stage.”

Nathaniel on using national platform to try to bridge political divide:

“I don’t wanna alienate anybody.  I want us to feel like we’re all in this together y/k?  Cause we really are, we only have each other and the person next to you is more important than yourself.  And I think if we all just try to treat each other that way it doesn’t matter what our religious ideas are, what our political ideas are…it’s really more about just us taking care of each other.”

Joseph on political obligations of musicians:

“It’s more about just trying to get out of the narrative that is: the two sides are opposed and are at loggerheads.  Because that’s only true because we are populating that narrative with our actions and with our words.  It’s interesting to be in a band people are paying attention to and you feel an obligation to some degree that you have this platform and all of that but…challenging the status quo is kinda important at this point.”