Podcast: Asking Alexandria

Today we’re hanging out with Danny Worsnop and Sam Bettley from Asking Alexandria! Late last year they released their self-titled fifth album…Danny notably left the band prior to recording their 2016 release The Black…he’ll tell us about the fateful session that eventually brought him back into the fold. Plus: the TV show he’s working on, how he uses song-writing as a form of therapy, and some of the band’s earliest days. Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

Danny and Sam on origins of song “Vultures” and how recording session led to Danny’s return to the band:

“DANNY – That song was written about five years ago and it was going to be on From Death To Destiny.  It was written about people in the industry that were quote/unquote ‘working with us’…it was that music movie moment where there’s people flying out and shoveling drugs and booze into us to keep us going.  That was kinda what led to the breaking of me leaving.  That was then the song that was sent to me, to coax me into coming back!  That was the thing that kind of opened the door a little bit for the conversation that.  SAM – And you just came in and just nailed it in one take!  DANNY – That was the first thing we did…I came in… SAM – Walked into the studio…hadn’t seen him… DANNY – Walked into a studio and just sang that song.  SAM – Straight off the bat…I don’t know it was almost like the pause button had been hit.  DANNY – One take and just…it was like, ‘oh…we’re back.’”

Danny on #TRENDINGTRACK “Alone In A Room”:

“Everything I always write…whether I’m writing for myself or for other people or for no one at all…it’s always coming from something I’m going through or something I’ve been through and I wanna just kinda push out of my system.  So that song…it’s the acknowledging that me pushing this stuff down all these years…is kinda the reason that there’s so much stuff in my head that’s messed up.”

Danny on upcoming TV show:

“It’s kind of a travel show but it’s just us going around doing the stuff we already do.  Taking out some tanks and some fighter jets and just blowing stuff up…going to awesome restaurants, meeting all these incredible people, and going…seeing these beautiful places that people don’t really get to go see!  Like, we get these opportunities to do these incredible things and it’s just a way for us to A) share it with people and B) buy yachts.”

Danny and Sam on upcoming tour plans:

“DANNY – We’re doing [Danny Wimmer Presents Festivals] and then we’re filling in with a continuation of this tour…so between it there’s gonna be more of this tour we’re doing right now.  We’ve already outgrown the very expensive production we bought for this so we’re gonna up the game again!  So it’s just gonna keep getting bigger.  SAM – Yeah we can’t go back now…you gotta just keep pushing and getting bigger.”