Podcast: Dorothy

Today we’re hanging out with an artist you need to know about called Dorothy!  We fell in love with her sound after hearing her 2016 debut ROCKISDEAD…her new album 28 Days In The Valley comes out on Friday March 16th…she’ll tell us about writing and recording the album with producer Linda Perry—from 4 Non Blondes.  Plus: she’ll tell us about the evolution of the band’s live show, signing to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation records, and a great story about running into Beyoncé!  Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

Dorothy on new album 28 Days In The Valley:

“Well Linda Perry [4 Non Blondes] produced the record…and her and Kerry Brown manage me.  It took about 28 days, it took about a month to record the album at her studio.  So she thought y/k, ‘hey what about 28 Days In The Valley as the title?’  So the title itself has nothing to do with me getting sober but I did get sober in the Valley also.  This whole outfit is just a little less metal driven and more psychedelic.  It’s a little different…y/k it’s a little more Stevie Nicks…a little more feminine and that’s fine.  We’re not here to make the same album over and over again…and we were like: ‘how are people gonna receive this?’  But it seems to be going well and I’m just grateful to be doing this…I try not to care what people think.”

Dorothy on #TRENDINGTRACK “Flawless”:

“I lost my father to cancer and I was in this really emotionally abusive relationship…and I showed up to his house and my stuff was on the curb in cardboard boxes y/k?  And I was like: ‘cool…awesome.’  And then the song is just like: how do you like me now?  Y/k?  I came out the other side looking a little better than you do!  And I think a lot of people can relate to that so it just was…y/k a nice little ‘wink, wink.’”

Dorothy on why she turned to music:

“I was in such a bad place.  I was like: I’m either gonna die or I need to do music like I need an outlet for all this pain.  If I’ve lost everything right now and I’m living with my mother and I’m struggling with alcoholism and I’m having suicidal ideations and I’m really depressed right now cause I’ve lost my job, I’ve lost my dad, I just broke up with my boyfriend—whatever.  What am I gonna do?  Y/k?  So I turned to music.”

Dorothy on learning to trust the process from producer Linda Perry:

“I think that music is a gift and it’s bigger than all of us.  It’s not tangible, it’s something you feel.  I think the more you just become still and centered, it’s easier to tap into that creativity and just trust it y/k?  And that’s what [Linda Perry] taught me the most is: stay out of your head and just trust this process.”

Dorothy on writing about struggles with addiction:

“I think music is a very powerful tool for communicating with people no matter what language they speak, no matter what part of the world they’re from because they can feel frequency, they can feel vibration, they can unlock emotions and unlock things in your body.  Y/k that’s kinda like a: ‘hey guys, wake up…it’s time to live.’  Like it’s really now or never.”

Dorothy on meeting Beyoncé:

“I went to the 4:44 tour with Vic Mensa and then we ended up going to like the after party and I’m on Jay-Z’s label so…I saw him in the back but I didn’t realize that the blonde ponytail in front of him was Beyoncé and I walk right up to them and they were like dancing and I’m like: ‘hey!  Not to like interrupt your love session but hi Beyoncé!  How’s it going!’  Haha.”

Dorothy on signing to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label:

“My manager had a meeting at Roc Nation and he actually went to talk about another artist but then he was like, ‘check out this video we just did’ to Jay Brown who y/k manages Rihanna and he was like: ‘hey…can you get her in the office??’  Like: ‘what’s she doing like right now??’  And I was eating cereal so…I was like yeah let me take a shower I’ll be right there.  And he was just kinda like, ‘hey…let’s do this!’”