Podcast: the return of K.Flay

Today we’re celebrating the return of Kristine Meredith Flaherty—aka K.Flay!!  It’s been over a year since her last visit to the show…and what a year it’s been!  We’re catching up and talking about her album Every Where Is Some Where…working with producer Mike Elizondo…and her #TRENDINGTRACK “Giver”.  Plus: she’ll tell us why it was so special to be nominated for a Grammy this year…and how she’s fostered an amazing relationship with her fans.  Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

K.Flay on being nominated for two awards at the 2018 Grammys:

“I was utterly shocked to be nominated.  The Grammys were very distant from my mental space…it wasn’t even a thought in anyone’s mind that we would be acknowledged or participating in any way so I was very surprised.  I felt really excited to get the nod for ‘Best Rock Song’ which is cool like…historically very few women have ever won that category…and also to be nominated on ‘Best Engineered Album’ cause that felt like it kinda honored the group effort.  Y/k we worked really hard on that and I’ve worked hard on my vocal engineering and that’s been kinda like my area of focus as time has progressed so I was excited to be honored for that.  It’s not like I care about winning anything but for the public in a lot of ways like, they’re viewing this as: this is music’s night!  I think it’s our responsibility to represent music and where we’re at so there’s work to be done.”

K.Flay on signing with Dan Reynolds and Night Street Records:

“I got an email from [Imagine Dragons singer] Dan Reynolds…y/k he also is a very imageless person…and a very genuinely humble person and somebody who is doing music because he’s moved by it.  And essentially he was like: ‘hey…I don’t need money…I don’t need fame…I don’t need anything.  I have resources right now…I wanna support somebody I believe in.  But like, you can do whatever you want with the music!’  And he was very true to his word!”

K.Flay on releasing ‘Every Where Is Some Where’ on Night Street Records:

“That was just such a gratifying thing…I got kind of the benefits of being independent.  I was really in touch with like: hey this is what I need from a label, this is what I don’t need.  When you can kind of give those directives, people can move!  They’re like excited to work instead of being like: ‘I don’t know what do you thing?’  And so the record came out on Night Street through Interscope and y/k Interscope was just incredible honestly…working it and letting me do my thing.”

K.Flay on #TRENDINGTRACK “Giver”:

“The song is about this idea that you’re trying to be better…and I think it’s a life-long process.  You want to be a person who gives…you want to be a person who’s generous in every way and thoughtful in every way…but sometimes it’s hard!  The cool thing about putting that song out was all my friends and family were like: ‘dude…you’re doing this already…chill!  You call me more than anyone and you’re like in God knows what city!’”

K.Flay on original challenge that got her interested in writing music:

“I basically got into a big argument with my R.A. and he was like: ‘well…then YOU write a song!’  And I was like: ‘y/k what?? I will!’  And then I did!  And then I went home for the summer, bought a keyboard, started teaching myself how to record.  I just started writing…something about it I must have—unbeknownst to me—really resonated.  Essentially the short version of this is that: I just kept saying yes.”

K.Flay on saying “yes” to opportunities:

“For the most part I think so much of the positive things that have happened to me in my career have been saying ‘yes’…especially to opportunities that were like…y/k you raise one eyebrow and you’re like, ‘huh?!?  Ok!  Yeah, let’s do it!’  Y/k that’s always yielded good results I think cause it exposes you to something different from what you’re used to.”