Podcast: The Wrecks

Today we’re hanging out with a new band we’ve been a fans of since they put out their debut single last year called “We Are The Wrecks”…Nick, Aaron, Billy, Westen, and Schmidt from Los Angeles band The Wrecks!  Two weeks ago they released their Panic Vertigo EP…they’ll tell us about scrapping a bunch of songs they recorded in L.A. before heading back to upstate New York to cut the EP in a friend’s barn!  Plus: how putting on backyard shows for their closest fans helped build the band’s mischievous persona early in their career.  Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

Nick Anderson on throwing backyard parties early on and the one that nearly landed the band in handcuffs:

“We’d get booked at like these small clubs in LA or like we played like The Whiskey and they just didn’t feel like the right crowd was even coming, it would just kinda be your friends.  But we decided we could like put on a show ourselves…and we did it in the backyard of our friend’s house and we’d have like a couple acoustic openers and then we’d play for 30 minutes and we would bring like almost 100 people…the first time there was like 60-100 people…somewhere around there and uh…it was really fun and it was a successful thing so we’re like, ‘this is more fun for us than going out and trying to make people buy tickets.’  Like, when you’re starting the band it’s so much more important to get people interested and just come.  And there were so many people there…we had labels there…it was this big event for us, it was one of our first shows.  And so the cops came and they’re like: ‘if you guys play one more note…’ like ‘we’re gonna impound all this gear and fine you guys all this money.’  I kinda just looked out and saw like 150 people who came to see our band…and I saw a label there…I just saw all these hopeful eyes looking back at us.  So they had just left so we’re like, alright…turned everything up to 11…we played one song and played our heaviest, most rocking song.  And those people in that crowd that night like still bring up that show…that one song.”

Nick Anderson on producing new ‘Panic Vertigo’ EP themselves after failed attempt with LA producer:

“It just didn’t fit…the production didn’t fit the songwriting.  That’s why it was easy for us to go in and produce it ourselves again because we wrote the songs…we knew what they were supposed to sound like in our heads past the demo kinda thing.  And it’s nice that we can do that and we can do all our own demos and we can record our own actual music if we want to…and having y/k that ability and not have to depend on studio time or…just pull up your laptop.  We had blown the budget at that point…we had no money left and we convinced the label and the management to let us move into my grandma’s house and drive 45 minutes every day to a barn where my friend Pat has this really nice studio.  It was just all of us again in a room together making it up.  You just have the resources at your disposal and you just start creating…and that’s what we did and that’s what the new EP is.”

Nick Anderson on writing with All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth and producer Colin Brittain on song “Way With Words”:

“We’ve been sitting on these songs for a while and we can’t wait for people to like finally hear ‘em.  One of the songs we actually wrote it with Alex [Gaskarth] from All Time Low and Colin [Brittain]—this guy Colin—because Nick and I went into a session with them thinking that we were writing for the new All Time Low record…and Alex and Colin went into it thinking they were writing for the new Wrecks record because there was a mix-up with the management.  So we showed up and we just wrote a song…and I ended up writing most of the lyrics and they were about like my situation so we kept it…it was more for our sound.”