Podcast: The Pixies

Today we’re spending some time with a guy we’ve been a huge fan of for several years—he and Matt have recently become great friends as well—Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago! We’ll talk at length about his musical career, influencing everyone from Kurt Cobain to the guys in Foals, and having his song covered by the late-great David Bowie. Plus: upcoming plans for new music from The Pixies and their upcoming co-headlining tour with Weezer! Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

Joey on meeting Charles Thompson IV and subsequently dropping out of UMASS:

“He was just this uhhh happy fella!  I remember him having like a carton of milk…and he was just drinking it!  Haha…and it was like, ‘wow!’…y/k this is a pretty goofy guy!  And then he started playing umm…some songs and it’s like, what I wanted to do anyway when I went to college was uh…be with people that want to do original music.  [MATT – Now I know that you and Charles decided this was what you wanted to do…cause he went away for awhile didn’t he?  To like Puerto Rico or something on an exchange?]  He did.  After he returned, he came over to my place…it was like the last day to withdraw out of college so um…we went there together and we withdrew together…basically dropped out.  Y/k we knew we were droppin’ out.”

Joey on Black Francis starting rumor that led to The Pixies’ 2003 reunion:

“I think he just went on the radio somewhere in England and said, ‘yeah, yeah we’ve been practicing…’ y/k?  The big rumor started!  People were telling me that we were reuniting and I go, ‘well where the hell did you hear this from?’  And then I got a call from Charles and that was it.  And he goes, ‘oh…ok…cool!’  Y/k?  I got excited and uh…yeah, of course I did!”

Joey on inspiring Kurt Cobain and getting props from David Bowie:

“We’d never really heard of [Nirvana].  Not until uhh [“Smells Like Teen Spirit”] came out.  We got a warm up from uhh Kurt Cobain y/k…someone uhhh gave us props before him so uh…it was uhh The Thin White Duke… [MATT – Yeah David Bowie]  Yeah so it was like, ‘Ok…well…alright another one!’  Hahahaha.”

Joey on recording plans with producer Tom Dalgety:

“Yes we are, yeah.  We’ve been doing it on our days off on the ummm…last couple tours, we just started putting shapes together.  Y/k if we record anything it’s on our iPhones…it’s on our phones.  We’re slated to uh do pre-production in March.  The pressure’s on, we only have like scratch ideas right now.”