Podcast: Sir Sly

Today we’re hanging out with Hayden, Jason, and Landon from orange county band Sir Sly! Their latest album Don’t You Worry, Honey is available now however you consume music…they’ll tell us about recording the album at their home studio in Costa Mesa, writing their #TRENDINGTRACK “& Run”, and the heartbreaking story of Landon’s mother’s fight with brain cancer. Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

Landon on naming latest album ‘Don’t You Worry, Honey’:

“That comes from the very end of ‘Altar’…that last section of lyrics was all me basically like channeling my mom…giving myself a little bit of like a sermon or a rant from my mom.  The extended line is, ‘Don’t you worry about the money honey or the internet’.  As an artist, it’s difficult sometimes to NOT pay attention to what it is people are saying or feeling or projecting into the future what they might be saying or feeling.  I think at that moment I really gained a sense of security over like, I just need to do this album and we need to do this album the way that we want to and we need to love it and it needs to stem from that.  I think I’ve always had a little bit of a bent towards worry and anxiety and my mom always saw that in me…and was a great coach for me in a lot of those ways.  And so, after she was gone, I needed like one last little nugget from her…even if it came from me trying to like dig through my own brain and think of what it was that she might say.  It felt kinda crazy but I was like, ‘I need it.'”

Landon on writing songs for ‘Don’t You Worry, Honey’:

“There’s a lot of realism and there’s a lot of autobiographical content in the album but there’s also a bit of fantasy.  I didn’t necessarily feel very positive but I felt like I was kinda channeling some of the things that my mom had taught me and trying to hold on to some of the levity in life.  It felt right to take that kind of perspective lyrically, to acknowledge the kind of questions that I had lingering because of all that grief.”

Landon on mother’s death inspiring new album:

“The timing of it could not have been less ideal…I’m glad to be still standing here and…it gave me an album.  But I would trade the album to have her back.  That’s just the way life goes and I think she’d be proud of the way that I uhh…pursued something that I loved…or at least was able to find something and use it in a way that kept me alive and kept me uhh…feeling like I had at least a shred of a sense of purpose.”

Landon on lyrics for #TRENDINGTRACK “& Run” are about letting go:

“That last line doesn’t mean much of anything but it feels free…and it feels like I’m letting go of some stuff that I need to.  Which was like, ‘why in the world could I fall in love and then somehow to go so awry from what I had intended?’  It was nice I think to have that line just suddenly rush to me and start that process of letting go or at least being able to write a song about letting go.”

Hayden and Landon on group writing process:

“HAYDEN – The way we end up writing so often is not one good idea…it ends up being like four good ideas that coalesce into each other.  ‘Where did you get that from?!  That’s incredible!’ like that part.  LANDON – That is a nice thing about having like the mutual respect that we have for each other in the studio.  I mean, some ideas are bad ideas, but there are never ideas that aren’t worth hearing…and I think that that’s a nice, really freeing and safe space to be able to make music in.”