Podcast: Myles Kennedy

Today we’re hanging out with another former podcast guest: singer Myles Kennedy. His debut solo album Year Of The Tiger comes out on March 9th…he’ll tell us about the childhood significance of the album title, scrapping his original album before creating what became Year Of The Tiger, and the cathartic process of writing about his late father. Plus: auditioning for Led Zeppelin, the latest on Alter Bridge, and the first album he ever bought. Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

Myles on scrapping original solo album before writing/recording Year Of The Tiger:

“Y/k in between everything that I had going with the various projects it was really hard to complete…and so when I finally finished it—I believe in 2015—it just felt like it’s shelf-life had kind of expired.  I think as an artist you have to really be honest with yourself and that was a difficult decision because so much time and effort went into it and I decided that I needed to start over…[I] put my head down and started working again.”

Myles on genesis of #TRENDINGTRACK “Year Of The Tiger” hook:

“When I looked up, ‘what is the Year Of The Tiger anyways?’ and it turned out it was 1974 and then I was like, ‘ahh.’  The whole theme around my…revolving around my father and that whole issue, I’ve never really been able to tackle it.  And I’d tried in the past as a writer…y/k it’s a tough subject…and it was kinda like the universe was telling me, ‘y/k what?  There’s a reason why this hook has stuck in your head this long, it’s time for you to dive into this.'”

Myles on naming debut solo album ‘Year Of The Tiger’:

“The name of the record is the ‘Year Of The Tiger’ which was uh…actually 1974 and ummm…when he passed away.  So it left my mom and my brother and I to kinda go at it y/k and venture out on our own.  The whole record really documents his loss and then the journey afterwards.”

Myles on solo touring strategy:

“I’m gonna do a um…kinda retrospective.  I’m gonna pull songs from The Mayfield Four, from Alter Bridge, from Slash and The Conspirators, and then obviously the Year Of The Tiger…maybe throw in some covers.  I’m gonna try and mix the arrangements up a little bit…make it a little bluesier here and there.  But yeah I’m just gonna have fun with the arrangements…I’m looking forward to it.”

Myles on saving “Love Can Only Heal” from original–scrapped–solo album:

“There was one song from the first solo record, the un-released—the ‘mythical unicorn’ we’ll call it—which I knew was a special song, I knew it would fit the record, I just wasn’t totally happy with how it ended up.  I took the demo vocal and then we built around the demo vocal…I basically did a new arrangement of it.  It’s called ‘Love Can Only Heal’ and it turned out great.”

Myles on writing song “The Great Beyond” about his late father:

“That was a really challenging song to write…especially lyrically because I had to go back and try and visualize what it might have been like that night.  It was dark but I’m definitely happy with how it turned out because it’s believable and that’s…as a song writer that’s what you want, you want something that conveys the emotion that you’re shooting to convey.”