Podcast: Awolnation frontman Aaron Bruno

Today we’re hanging out with another former podcast guest: Awolnation frontman Aaron Bruno. Aaron built an amazing home studio for their third album Here Come The Runts—out Friday, February 2nd! He’ll tell us about getting back to nature in his Malibu home, giving back to victims of last year’s devastating hurricanes and wild fires, and why Back To The Future continues to be his favorite film of all time. Plus: awkward eye contact with fans, sharing a stage with his heroes in Prophets Of Rage, and some of his favorite records of all time. Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

Aaron on writing #TRENDINGTRACK “Handyman”:

“It felt a lot like other songs that I’ve written in the past that came to me fast.  It felt like…y/k words that needed to be said…that the public could appreciate or relate to in a lot of ways and…some songs off the first record I felt like—as I was writing these lyrics: ‘man I wonder if this has been said…because it feels like it shoulda been said!’  If you’re lucky enough to have those feelings and moments, you’re usually on to something pretty good and special.”

Aaron on loving Back To The Future and 80s influence on ‘Here Come The Runts’:

“It’s so important…my wife’s always like, ‘nah…not this again.’  But when it comes on I’m watching it basically y/k?  It stops me in my tracks.  [Back To The Future] is my favorite movie so I think that had a HUGE impact on my taste in music.  In fact, when Marty McFly plays that guitar…I have a guitar similar to that one because…y/k it spoke to me so much.  There’s something about 80s rock n’ roll that was pop music but still had this credibility and um…honesty to it.  That feeling as a kid—before I realized how the world actually is and works—made it’s way a little bit into this album ‘Here Come The Runts’.  A bit of a hope that you dream of but maybe it’s more of a fantasy than a reality.  And so I tried to pour a little bit of that into this record.”

Aaron on donating proceeds from dog merchandise to victims of last year’s devastating hurricanes and wild fires:

“My wife thought of this of course, all great ideas come from our wives usually y/k?  And she noticed online through Instagram of course y/k that…there were a lot of dogs that needed homes.  There were so many um…stray dogs really as a result of some of these terrible events.  I can’t even explain to you how much I love my dogs and how much dogs mean to me y/k?  And they need help.”

Aaron on getting back to nature at his Malibu home:

“I’m really lucky to live in a very remote area where I’m up in these mountains and there’s a lot of nature me.  Which is hugely influential and important for me to feel out in the open and umm…feel inspired y/k in a lot of ways.  The city life has…I’ve had a lot of fun in cities y/k?  In my life for sure but I go back to enjoying nature a lot.”

Aaron on motivation behind songs on new Awolnation album ‘Here Come The Runts’:

“Y/k I’m not writing these songs to get girls or to make money or to chase whatever the newest trend is.  Rather, I just wanna make the best songs I can and hope that other people can relate to the lyrics and umm…y/k wanna feel something physical from the album and dance their hearts out and hopefully sing along like a good old fashioned anthem y/k?  That’s the goal.”

Aaron on the amazing sound of his new home studio:

“Well you never know until you start recording right?  It could LOOK like the drums are gonna sound incredible, massive, and all these things…and it’s not until you actually uhh…start recording that you find out or learn what the room sounds like.  But yeah the room ended up sounding really good and there’s a certain kind of energy and spirit there as well that feels nice and warm y/k?  But also competitive and heavier than anything I’ve done before in a lot of ways.”