Podcast: Chris Jericho from Fozzy

Today we’ve got a very special guest…not only does he the sing in the amazing band Fozzy…but he’s also one of the biggest podcast hosts on the planet: Talk Is Jericho host Chris Jericho! He’ll tell us about his love for producing his weekly show, Fozzy’s latest album Judas, and how his show But I’m Chris Jericho has evolved in its second season. Plus: his childhood connection to New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Kenny Omega, friendship with Lemmy, and his upcoming ‘Rock N Wrestling Rager At Sea’ cruise going down this October. Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

Jericho on second season of ‘But I’m Chris Jericho’:

“Anybody—quote/unquote—can make a record or do a show or get a part but can you get a second season out of it?  Can you make a second record?  Can you win the world title for the second time?  And the fact that we got a second season going, it really was gratifying for me because it’s a great project and I really put a lot into it.  It’s really cool for me because of all the projects I do this one really had a lot of meaning because I created it!  It was…um…a pretty cool moment for me professionally.”

Jericho on evolution of ‘But I’m Chris Jericho’:

“So the first season was kind of ten bite-sized five, six, seven minute y/k shows?  And they weren’t really related to the other, you can watch episode 10 or episode 2 or episode 7 and every one in between.  For season 2 we decided to make it a whole story arc.  And that was a lot of fun to do as well…so the first was based experience, the second was like kinda a fantasy world to the next level.”

Jericho on originally joining Fozzy Osbourne cover band:

“Towards the end of my stay in WCW I was out for four months with a sprained ankle.  I had met Rich [Ward], I told him I wanted to get started with a band…he said, ‘why don’t you come to Atlanta, we’ll do a Fozzy Osbourne gig…we’ll see how it goes.’  And because it was Rich and Frank [Fontsere] from Stuck Mojo and Jericho from WCW there was like a bidding war for the band.  Right off the bat!  Sight-unseen and sound-unheard.”

Jericho on shortening band name to simply Fozzy:

“There’s only like three or four great names in rock n’ roll, Anthrax is one of them…but even like Kiss, at first listen…ok if my band name was Hugg—with two G’s—you’d be like, ‘what?’  Metallica…TERRIBLE name at first!  So with Fozzy it’s like—now that we’ve kinda gone through this whole y/k lineage…it’s a great name because everybody loves to chant it.  Fozzy!  Fozzy!  And every show we’ve played, people go nuts chanting it.”

Jericho on lyrical connection to #TRENDINGTRACK “Painless”:

“We wanted to bring somebody in to be that ‘third party’.  I used to write all the lyrics for Fozzy, on this record [producer] Johnny [Andrews] wrote a lot of them.  But as the singer it’s my job to run them through the Chris Jericho emotional ringer…and how do I relate to these?  I think ‘Painless’ is that bad relationship that you know it’s ‘killing me one breath at a time.’”

Jericho on what to expect at a Fozzy show:

“This is NOT a Jericho side project where y/k I’m hiring my own private jet and flying around to play rockstar.  Y/k we play some huge places and we play a lot of dumps too and to us, we don’t care…10 or 10,000…if you come to a Fozzy show whether it’s a curiosity thing or whether you’re a die hard, you leave as a fan and you leave happy.  And you hear some great music that just continues to get better.”

Jericho on taking pride in the Fozzy live experience:

“We’re going all across America and it’s really cool to see those numbers starting to come up…because it’s been a long time coming.  Like I said: 10 or 10,000—it’s a lot more fun to play for 10,000—but when you see that those 10s are gone and the 30s are gone and the 100s are gone and you’re getting 200, 300, 400, 500, 6-7-800 people, 1000 people…that’s a good place to be in.  Because I can work with a crowd like that and when they leave they’re gonna say, ‘that was one of the best shows we’ve ever seen’…we take great pride in that.”

Jericho on original phone call that led to Alpha vs Omega NJPW match:

“I really thought it was interesting for Jericho to face Omega and we had a mutual friend—also from Winnipeg—who’s the English commentator called Don Callis…he called me one day, he said: ‘what do you think of Jericho vs Omega at the Tokyo Dome?’ kinda laughing…and I wasn’t laughing!  In the wrestling world it was a Mayweather/McGregor vibe in that it’s a match you NEVER thought you could see!  I just know it was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had and something I’d be open to doing again under the right circumstances.”

Jericho on Winnipeg connection to NJPW star Kenny Omega:

“It’s a small enough town that when you make it out of there to a high level you…you have a…once again this kindred spirit that never goes away.  Not only is it the perfect match up from skill levels and name value but the fact that we’re both from Winnipeg was just the nice little icing on a cake…and the fact that the guy who put it together—who is ALSO the English commentator…was sitting in the front row—ALSO from Winnipeg.  That night it was like the Winnipeg Dome…y/k what I mean?  Not the Tokyo Dome, it was the Winnipeg Dome.”

Jericho on philosophy behind new book ‘No Is A Four Letter Word’:

“Anybody that ever told me no, isn’t living the life that I’m living.  I never listened to ‘no’ I never accepted it.  ‘You’ll never make it in wrestling!’  Well, I think I will!  And here we are 27 years later, ‘you’ll never make it with Fozzy!’  Once you focus and believe in yourself and you start getting some successes and some momentum, you become dangerous.  Like I said and then you can try anything and do anything…and that’s a good position to be in for anybody in life.”

Jericho on keeping himself busy with diverse projects:

“After 27 years of being in show business…I do it because I like to be diverse, I like to be challenged creatively, and I also like to keep my fans and the people that follow me surprised.  I owe them that…to always give them something different and fun and to provide more light moments in their life if they’re having a rough time.  And that might sound like weird but to me that means a lot.”