Podcast: Silent Rival

Today we’re talking with a new band we love called Silent Rival! Sara Coda and Joz Ramirez stopped by the studio to discuss their debut album The Kindness Of Strangers, how they met at UCLA, and working with producer Matt Wallace. Plus: Joz’s musical childhood, their trending track “Die A Little”, and a quick game of 1st Show/Best Show! Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

Sara on #TRENDINGTRACK “Die A Little”:

“In a um…in a short explanation: it’s a song about living on the edge just for the thrill of it.  And the long explanation is, we had just gotten back from tour and we were supposed to be like buckling down and doing demos and writing songs and I kinda felt like I needed to F sh** up a little bit…y/k what I’m saying?  [MATT – Absolutely, so that’s what you did…you decided you were gonna do some different things and…] SARA – Yeah.  [MATT – And when you say ‘F sh** up’…what were some of the things that you were doing.]  SARA – Well I would say I partook in a responsible and controlled amount of like deviance.  MATT – Yeah…there’s nothing wrong with that!  Especially if y/k it’s controlled right?!  SARA – Yeah…and responsible.  [MATT – Something that’s a little hard for me to do.]  Hahaha.”

Sara on naming debut album ‘The Kindness Of Strangers’:

“When we first thought of it I just thought it sounded like eerie and weird and cool.  Then as I kinda dug a little deeper and thought about it, it actually made a lot of sense for the record because I feel like we got really lucky meeting each other.  Y/k like as the team grows we’ve just been really lucky with the people that we’ve met and worked with.”

Sara on upcoming plans to write new music:

“We’re gonna be writing and recording demos…that’s it.  I’m not even gonna answer my phone.  There are like ten in the dropbox folder right now and… [JOZ – More like 20.]  I like…my brain is still deciding which one to start on first…because that’s how overwhelming it is.  And it’s like, everything is so freakin’ good dude…you better bring it!”

Sara on working with producer Matt Wallace:

“He just made sure it was really fun for us.  And he took on all the details and the brunt of it and the boring stuff and the stress of it so that we could kinda focus on having fun and just hanging out and having a good time and making good stuff.”

Joz on working with producer Matt Wallace:

“He put me in a different room to write all the music by myself.  And I would just send him the music though an Ethernet connection.  But it was really interesting working in a different room and kinda looking at him through a window and going, ‘here goes a song!’  After I sent him the songs or whatever he would be like, ‘ok maybe we could do this way or that way’ or ‘that’s great the way it is.’  I liked doing it in a different room…that was different.”