Podcast: Odesza

Today we’re spending some time with Grammy nominated duo Odesza! Harrison and Clayton stopped by our New York studio just hours before their sold-out show at Barclays Center last month to talk all about their latest album A Moment Apart…did we mention it’s up for the ‘Best Dance/Electronica Album’ Grammy later this month? We’ll talk about what it felt like to score their two nods…plus: Foreign Family Collective, upcoming plans, and a quick game of ‘1st Show/Best Show’! Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ podcast now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, we’ve got new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.

Clayton and Harrison on Grammy nominated “Line Of Sight” collaboration with WYNNE and MANSIONAIR: (22:15)

“CLAYTON – This song in particular is one that we started early on in the writing process for the album.  Our management kinda hooked us up with Wynne, he was this kinda writer…had just moved from the UK to LA to kinda pursue this writing career.  We kinda swapped music back and forth and just kinda were sharing ideas and he shared the one he had, what eventually became ‘Line Of Sight’.  Awesome top-line, killer kinda melody and vocal…we kinda just beefed it up and put some new production behind it.  It was almost done like a year and a half ago from the album release so it’s been sitting for a while…and then y/k we had to fine tune some of the production stuff and then Mansionair came along near the end and kinda wrote this amazing uplifting end part as well as adding some really nice background vocals.  HARRISON – They did this beautiful choir stuff and then at the end they added this big anthemic chant which really made it feel like the song was finally finished.”

Clayton on Sasquatch 2015 being a turning point for the band: (14:43)

“It was a big turning moment.  Before that we had…y/k we thought we’d give music a shot and really try it out and see what happens but we always kind of had it in the back of our minds y/k: the odds of us having success are pretty small.  Y/k a lot of people work their entire lives and don’t get to where they need to be.  But yeah after that one and then kinda the preceding tours…yeah we kinda like: ‘ok maybe we can do this.’ y/k?”

Harrison on Odesza mobile app: (19:55)

“So we use that to connect fans and sometimes like put out early stuff for like getting tickets early and sometimes we do fun little videos.  It’s just an easier way to keep the community within like the world we live in so…yeah it’s fun.  We kinda go on there sometimes and do live streams and Q&As and just little stuff like that.  [CLAYTON – Yeah it’s direct contact with the fan base.]”

Clayton on the importance of evolving their live show: (34:20)

“We definitely wanna keep doing shows, keep evolving our show.  Y/k our show is such an important part to us that we spend probably way too much time on…but it’s, y/k we really wanna create a pretty unique experience.  Y/k we go from the lighting design, to the visuals, to y/k revamping audio just for the live set.  Y/k there’s a lot of man-hours put into this project and um it’s a very important thing to us.”

Harrison on designing ‘A Moment Apart’ album cover with his GF: (35:55)

“I went to school for design and so I’ve always worked on like our album covers and like merch and stuff like that.  [A Moment Apart album cover] plays off a lot of ideas in the album and I think it’s like the most melancholic thing we’ve made.  It was the first time we ever really messed with the color blue haha.  And um I think that kind of works with what the album was trying to portray.”