Tonight’s #TRENDINGTRACK is “Scary Love” from the Neighbourhood’s upcoming to imagine EP! This year the band recorded over 50 songs and subsequently released their surprise EP Hard and singer Jesse Rutherford’s solo album &. The new EP is set for release on January 12th…when they joined us for today’s episode of the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield podcast’, guitarist Zach Abels told us the song came together over a year ago and was inspired by an 80’s electro-pop song they were listening to before heading into the studio:

“We probably wrote that song…it’s been over a year since we wrote the song…[JESSE – Really?!] Yeah it’s been over a year.  Before we got in the session we were just listening to this like 80s like super simple like electro dance song and we were like, ‘oh this is sick…like, we should do something like this.’  As soon as we like got in y/k ‘Scary Love’ just kind of naturally fell out of us.  Yeah it was just one of those ones that just kinda happened really naturally.”