Tonight’s #TRENDINGTRACK is “Omission”, the latest single from The Magpie Salute’s debut self-titled album! When guitarist Rich Robinson joined us on yesterday’s episode of the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield Podcast’, he told us that the song actually dates back more then 10 years to a previous band he was in with singer John Hogg called Hookah Brown:

“John [Hogg] and I were in a band when the Crowes first split up but that was a song we had written towards the end of that tenure of that band.  And so when this whole thing came back together I already had the basic tracks, Joe [Magistro] and I had played on it…so everyone overdubbed their part, y/k Sven [Pipien] and we brought the girls in to sing and Marc Ford played on it and Matt [Slocum] played on it and John sang on it…it was just one of those things that was great.”