PAPA ROACH – “Born For Greatness” #TT

Tonight’s #TRENDINGTRACK is “Born For Greatness”, the latest single from Papa Roach’s new album Crooked Teeth. When he joined us in March for the podcast, front man Jacoby Shaddix had this to say about the band’s approach to writing and recording their new album:

“We kinda started to get lumped in with all the other bands again and just be another one of those other bands and I just go, ‘we gotta like separate ourselves from the pack a little bit…and get weird again!’  And the producers were all about that.  And so there’s a good balance of what we once were and who we are now.  When I describe this record I just…in my mind I see it as, if Infest and our album Getting Away With Murder…those two records did the dirty, dirty…had a baby…here it is Crooked Teeth.”