Podcast: Beware Of Darkness

Today is a very special episode for a couple of reasons.  Firstly: it features one of our favorite bands out there right now—and one of our favorite people—Kyle Nicolaides from Beware Of Darkness!  Secondly: he’s our first repeat guest on the podcast…we spoke way back in June of 2016 on the 16th episode of the show!  And finally: we were in the middle of our conversation when news broke that Chester Bennington had taken his own life.  As someone who’s suffered from anxiety and depression for a long time, Kyle has some incredible thoughts on the matter that you don’t wanna miss.  We’re also discussing the band’s latest album Are You Real?, their amazing song “Muthaf****a”, and finding out that Jimmy Page is a fan of the band!  Make sure to subscribe to the ‘Two Hours with Matt Pinfield Podcast’ now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations…new interviews every Monday and Thursday morning.