Podcast: 311

Today we’re joined by Nick Hexum and P-Nut from 311!  Their 12th studio album Mosaic comes out on June 23rd, we’ll talk about the long-process of writing and recording the album including espresso fueled sessions with producer John Feldmann.  Plus: P-Nut’s adoration for beer, the band’s Amber Ale, and their upcoming collaboration with Rock Brothers Brewing.  They also let us know about their early experiences on tour, meeting Matt Pinfield on the Jersey Shore, and their amazing community of fans.  Make sure to subscribe to the ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield Podcast’ now so you don’t miss any upcoming interviews, new episodes every Monday and Thursday!

Nick on “Too Much To Think”:

“It started out with the play on words…everybody’s said the phrase ‘too much to drink’ but ‘Too Much To Think’ it really just conjures y/k like mental overload, too much thinking, I wanna have a relief from that.  The title built the song for me.  John Feldmann from Goldfinger wrote the words with me and he works very quickly so the whole thing too about 30 minutes.”

Nick on lyrical collaborations on Mosaic:

“I just love collaborating lyrically.  At the beginning of 311 I probably would just go off by myself and write lyrics.  When you’re first starting off in a band you have a lot of things you need to say…and then after you say them then you keep finding new avenues to go down which comes from collaboration.  So having P-Nut write lyrics with me more and more lately over the past couple albums [P-NUT – Good ones too.]  Really good lyrics.  [P-NUT – Hella good]  They even made sense!”

P-Nut on Mosaic of sounds on new album:

“With the different writers and it took two and a half years of creating and I mean, we were recording for at least a year and a half of that.  There’s a ‘then’, there’s a ‘middle’, and there’s the ‘end’ stuff that we did with Feldmann that paint the picture for me and make it so rich and make it worthy of a title like Mosaic.  Where it’s not just like a, y/k a tunnel that you’re going down, it’s a map and there’s all these other places that you need to go.  And the album will take you there.”

Nick on 311 cruise costume party:

“A couple of my friends that were on the cruise brought Ninja Suits!  And I got to be in the middle of the 311 fan base like a fly on the wall kind of situation.  And everybody was so nice!  It was just so inclusive and it was like, ‘hey cool a ninja! High five!’  And just seeing the interaction from the other side of it, it really gave me a unique appreciation for how amazing it is.”

P-Nut on Mosaic album cover concept:

“It’s one of the ways of showing that we’ve got a huge fan base, this is our community, and we wanna show you how important you are to us!  We’re gonna ask for photos and that’s gonna make the album cover.  We’re gonna inter lay all those 9,000 photos on a picture of the band and have us be you and you be us.”

P-Nut and Nick on possibly taking 311 day to Omaha:

“P-NUT – It’s never been there so it wouldn’t be able to go back but we are considering it.  So many people have missed out on the mid-west adventure.  NICK – Omaha is a great place to be from, there is truly a mid-western work ethic.  Like we work really hard on making sure we have like the best show that we can, we rehearse a lot and focus on being the best that we can.  And I think our Nebraska upbringing has something to do with it.”

P-Nut on unbelievable opportunity to make 311 beer:

“Back in the day it would have been like impossible!  We always thought it was impossible, that there was no way…that the vendors were like fixed, there was no way to get anything in.  I mean even before we thought of the idea it would have just been crushed because it would have seemed impossible to try and do something like this.  Like, ‘hey make a beer!’  Like, ‘great!  Let’s do it!’  If you think we can do it, let’s work really hard, let’s make it great and let’s try it…let’s see how it rolls.”

Nick and P-Nut on plans for NEXT beer:

“NICK – He’s got our NEXT beer planned!  P-NUT – What I would have at home at least something in the fridge wouldn’t be an amber ale, it would be a double IPA!  I was like, well we should make an 11.3 [ABV] and print it backwards on the bottle so it says ‘311’ one way and uh… NICK – And since it’s strong: ‘Beautiful Disaster’.  P-NUT – It just makes sense, so we’ll do it with another song and it’ll be in bomber bottles, we’ll sell two at a time…hopefully be out this fall.”