Podcast: Badflower

Today we are joined by Josh, Joey, and Alex from LA band Badflower! They’ll tell us about the inspirations behind their songs “Animal” and “Heroin” from their 2016 released Temper EP, how nasty life on the road can get, and how a spontaneous and emotional night turned into a viral video for their song “Move Me”. Plus: what fans can expect from their live show, touring with Goodbye June and Billy Talent, and upcoming plans for new music.  Make sure to subscribe to the ‘Two Hours with Matt Pinfield Podcast’ now so you don’t miss any upcoming interviews, new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning!


“I was addicted to her, whatever it was that she provided for me that I just couldn’t get away from.  The more that I write songs like this and talk to people who connect with them, the more I realize that I’m not really that strange and that a lot of people are like that.  You put yourself into these horrible situations and these horrible relationships and it really truly is the negative stuff that keeps you there…not the little bits of positive.  It’s like the heartbreak feels good!  It makes you feel alive…it’s weird.”

Josh and Alex on Facebook video for “Move Me”:

“JOSH – We’re calling it ‘Move Me’, yeah people were asking and I didn’t reply back because there really wasn’t a name for it.  ALEX – That’s a funny thing because now it has to be put in some sort of box!  Now it has to have a name, it has to be a single… JOSH – Exactly right…I think that it would take away some of the magic for me if it was like, ‘oh ok now this is gonna be a single, now it’s going on the album, now it’s this…’  That’s never what it was meant to be.  It was just for whoever needed it I guess.”

Josh on plans for debut album:

“The issue is…um, it’s not an issue, it’s a good issue to have but the festivals keep popping up.  Which is good but it just sucks that like most of them are so far away so you can’t start making a record and then go take a break to do a festival because you have a festival this week and that week and this week and you have to route around them or else you’re losing all this money like flying back and forth.  So as long as we’re booking more festivals, there’s no way we can be making an album.”

Joey and Josh on origins of Badflower:

“JOEY – I dropped out and moved into his apartment.  JOSH – And I dropped out and let him move into our apartment.  We spent our tuition money on like recording gear and… [ALEX – Stripper pole!]  And a stripper pole.  We had a stripper pole in our apartment. [PRODUCER TED – Some lights?  Some neon lights?]  Oh I had the lights wired to our coffee table.  And we were like 19 too so we couldn’t go to the bars, we couldn’t do anything so we just had people over and have our own parties.  It was good.”

Josh on what fans can expect from a Badflower show:

“You can expect something very real and emotional from a Badflower set.  It’s always genuine when we’re on stage and I think people feel that.  That would be the thing that I would be excited to tell people about if you are like looking forward to seeing a new band and we’re that band.  I would say, you’re gonna get something that’s very genuine every time.  It’s gonna be different every time but the lyrics are going to be sung like it’s the first time they were ever sung.”