Podcast: Palaye Royale

Today we’re joined by the guys in Palaye Royale. Remington, Sebastian, and Emerson are brothers who grew up in Las Vegas, moved to Los Angeles to become rock stars, and have been nominated for ‘Best Underground Band’ at this year’s APMAs [VOTE HERE]! We’ll chat about life on the road, making friends on the Warped Tour, and working with James Iha on their latest album Boom Boom Room (Side A). Make sure to subscribe to the ‘Two Hours with Matt Pinfield Podcast’ now so you don’t miss any upcoming conversations, new episodes every Monday and Thursday.

Sebastian on origins on band name:

“Palaye Royale was an old dance hall in the 1950’s where our grandparents met, back in Toronto…one came from Brazil, one came from Scotland.  It was kind of a part of our family, it’s our name y/k, that’s the reason why our mom was around so.  One thing we really want to do is either, MTV world stage at the Palaye Royale in France or the Palaye Royale in Toronto…so yeah that’s the goal.”

Remington and Sebastian on Boom Boom Room:

“REMINGTON – We were playing out in New York at the SoHo house one night…it was actually just like, one of the best shows we’ve ever played and then we wound up at the Boom Boom Room that night in New York.  SEBASTIAN – Y/k it’s on the top of one of the biggest buildings and you just overlook the whole skyline of New York.  And that’s what we called the house we were playing at!  REMINGTON – It’s mostly about like a room where we all went insane to write this record: The Boom Boom Room y/k?”

Sebastian on working hard on the road:

“In the past 18 months we’ll have done upwards of 325 shows.  What else are we gonna do??  We’re getting better and better as a live band, we don’t use tracks so the only way you get better is doing this.  Y/k we can’t have the best ProTools program and press spacebar and there’s our show.  We are playing out of old vintage tube amps and playing rock n’ roll! [EMERSON – We just like playing music!]”

Remington on their #TRENDINGTRACK “Get Higher”:

“Well we wrote the song, I think four years ago?!  Wrote a little bit about rebellion y/k because we were…I mean we’re still young but y/k we were even younger and you always have that phase y/k where, ‘I can do whatever I want!’  Y/k?  We wrote a song about it!  [EMERSON – We’re still in that phase.]  We’re still in that phase.  [SEBASTIAN – It’s the finger to y/k your upbringing.]”

Sebastian on APMAs nomination for ‘Best Underground Band’:

“That was something that we didn’t expect.  We were playing venues like called The Basement or The End and y/k The Underground. [REMINGTON – A lot of them WERE underground!  So that’s kind of appropriate!]  So it kinda really fit to see all these kids coming together and I think it fits us very well to be nominated…and to win ‘Best Underground Band’… [REMINGTON – That would be just INSANE oh my god.]”