Podcast: Grace Mitchell

Today we’re joined by Grace Mitchell, you may have heard her early EPs Design and Raceday—the latter of which was produced by Mark Foster and Isom Innis from Foster the People.  She’s had a fantastic 2017 which has so far included festival appearances at Coachella and Hangout Fest with upcoming slots at Lollapalooza and Outside Lands.  She’s telling us about her contemporary plan to release her upcoming debut album, what fans can expect from her live shows, and maintaining a passion for music in an industry that can occasionally be bogged down by administrative tasks.  Make sure to subscribe to the ‘Two Hours with Matt Pinfield Podcast’ now so you don’t miss any upcoming interviews, new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning.


“I wrote it when I was kind of like inspired by this idea that like fame and Los Angeles can sometimes change people.  And that they can project something that is dishonest and then behind closed doors they’re another person that’s just like corrupt and tormented by this city or by fame or by glamour and that’s no way to live.”

On new release strategy for upcoming debut album:

“The album, I realized at the end of it was SO vast in musicality and I appreciate all of the songs in their individuality and their uniqueness but they are very diverse!  So I want to give them all the spotlights I think that they deserve.  We’re just gonna do it a new way.  We’re gonna do it a new way and release new songs, probably every month.”

On still seeing passion in the music industry:

“That’s the thing that like keeps me sane when I like hate every single person at my label and I’m like, ‘why do I have to do this!?’  It’s because they care about me, it’s because they appreciate music and have passion for it.  And that they were like, some kid like in high school like freaking out over like Phish or something.  Like that’s everyone at the label.”

On seeing DJ Khaled at Coachella:

“DJ Khaled was SO fun to go see because he does this thing where he’ll start like an iconic song and then cut off the song like completely turn off the song for maybe 30 seconds and have the entire audience like awkwardly sing.  He won’t even bring it back it back in, he’ll stop the set completely to like give an inspirational speech.  It was like spoken word, it was REAL art.”

On what fans can expect from live show:

“What our band doesn’t have in professionalism because we are poor and young, we make up for in energy!  They don’t wanna see you stand still, they don’t really care what you do, they just wanna see you move your body.  So you can distract the kids with like moving your body and they will react to that rather than just like being like sultry and like not moving that much.  It works for Lana Del Rey but it does not work for me.”

On working with Foster The People’s Mark Foster and Isom Innis on Raceday EP:

“Those dudes and me went into the studio and like were just kind of like nerding out and trying to be geeks about music and blend a bunch of different sounds together because I’m influenced by so many different styles and genres and they are like mad scientists.  So that was a really fun process working with them and a lot of the songs on the ALBUM are me and Isom Innis together working on our own sound because Mark’s a busy boy!”